on transmission & prevention of COVID-19

with focus on airborne routes i.e. aerosols (& ballistic droplets)

All links are extracted from this Google sheet:

Collected by Dr. Alex Huffman (Univ. Denver)

Overview notes

  • This page was compiled as a resource as people are searching for credible information in the midst of the global pandemic.

  • Most people are legitimately trying to do the right thing for public health and are often craving reliable information of this topics.

  • Links are not necessarily comprehensive, but provide a few examples of additional reading and evidence for individuals who want to dig a little deeper.

  • I've done my best to include some examples of high-quality, non-partisan information (i.e. interviews with top-quality scientists), but I don't promise every line in all the articles is perfect.

  • The resources here are focused on the United States and in English, but I am happy to add other high-quality resources if you let me know.

  • This is meant to be a living, updated WEB.

  • If you know of other good resources for a general-audience, or see any major problems, please let me know.

  • Also suggest other science papers/evidence to include.

  • In some cases, an individual link could ve categorized in multiple places, so look on different sections.

Useful hashtags

Scientists on Twitter

A select few (not all!) twitter accounts for selected high-level scientists or engineers you can trust (focused only on aerosols/airborne spread of disease/ventilation/etc)
General bioaerosols, COVID transmision info, detection strategies.Engineer, indoor climate and air quality.Infectious disease epidemiologyFormer ASHRAE president; HVAC, IAQ engineeringBuilt Environment, indoor air quality.Infection transmission, ventilationInfectious disease researchEnvironmental engineering, risk assessmentEnergy engineer with interest in ventilation, indoor air quality, building scienceEpidemiology of infectious diseasesIndoor chemistry, air quality, aerosolsEnvironmental disease, infectious disease, bioaerosolsBuliding engineer, indoor air quality researcherChemical engineer, aerosols, air pollutionIndoor air qualityAerosols, masks, sensor development, engineerAerosol scientist, enginner, chemistHealthy building engineer, public healthHealth in the built environmentAerosol scientist and chemistEmerging infectious diseasesEnvironmental health sciencesAerosols, airborne transmission of virusesBioaerosol scientist & industrial hygienistBuilding indoor air quality, ventilationEnvironmental, built engineering; aerosolsIndoor air quality, filtration, mechanical engineerEnvironmental health scientist, engineer.Architecture, sustainable developmentVentilation, indoor microbiology, indoor chemistryAerosol chemistry, modelingNational clearinghouse for personal protective equipment (PPE)Building engineer, indoor air scientistEnvironmental engineering, indoor air and aerosolsPrimary care MD, long COVIDComplex systems, technology, sci-comm, including co-author of The Lancet paper on airborne transmission